It Doesn’t Matter What The Mueller Report Says Because Trump is Still a Fraud.

So Robert Mueller just concluded his two-year long investigation on whether or not Donald Trump colluded with Russia to defraud the American people. Trump’s attorney general gave a fourpage summary that basically said that there isn’t sufficient evidence to support that claim, that the report doesn’t exonerate trump in anyway, and it is up to the Department of Justice (DOJ) to make that decision. This is funny because Barr is on record saying he doesn’t believe sitting presidents should be indicted. But I think the findings of the report are largely unimportant because at the end of the day they really don’t matter.

Fact is, the Russian’s did actively run psyops games on social media with clickfarms, and it got Trump elected. He might not have asked them directly, (even though he did on national TV), but he didn’t have to. Just like he doesn’t say racist things directly, but that doesn’t stop the racist people from thinking he is racist. It also doesn’t stop the white nationalist stochastic terrorists from quoting him in their manifestos.

Trump was a convenient candidate for the Russians because he was the least qualified candidate who aligned with their views. And even more convenient, he was/is ridiculously divisive. Thirty four people have been indicted, five people so far in his administration have been sentenced to prison for federal crimes ―199 criminal counts. So he might not have directly asked the Russians to trick American’s into normalizing his dumpster fire, but that doesn’t make him a better person.

He is still an unindicted co-conspirator for campaign finance fraud, of which there is a ton of proof he is guilty. If they don’t hit the Trump family with RICO. there isn’t any justice in the world. But… again, I’m not very convinced there is any justice in the world, and most likely he will skate because the rich live in a different world than the poor do.

Here is the thing though:The clickfarms aren’t solely responsible for getting the grifter elected, and there is a reason the media has been so invested in the Russian investigation. The reason the media wanted Trump to be guilty of collusion so bad is because they didn’t want to take any responsibility for the mess they helped create. During the 2016 election cycle the media fixated on Trump because he was good for viewer retention and sold a lot of ad space. Social media let the clickfarms do their thing because divisive content keeps people engaged, and increasing viewer retention and ad space sales.

The media farming ads revenue wasn’t solely responsible for the Trump presidency either. The reason a lot of Americans were so invested in the Russian investigation is because half of us didn’t want to face the fact that the other half of us are actually pretty eager to adopt a doctrine that courts white supremacy. The other half would like to think their fringe views are entirely their own and not the product of a sophisticated psyop manipulation carried out in the theater of social media.

Basically, the Russian collusion investigation was about people not wanting to take responsibility for Donald Trump or his side effects. Like I said, it honestly didn’t even matter what the report found because the variables that made him possible are still alive and well. The media is still foaming at the mouth to sell us out for ad revenue. Our country’s citizens are still hyper-partisan and desperately trying to score a few points in the ridiculous and endless culture wars.

America isn’t great right now, and unless Amercians take a deep hard look at themselves, we might not ever be again.